• ロビー

No.1 lobby

The lobby is reminiscent of a gallery. As the name "Hana-no-So" implies, The museum is filled with flowers, paintings and calligraphy, and warmly welcomes all visitors.

Front Desk Amenities
Yukata rental (various sizes), shaving razors (eraser), hairbrushes, toothbrushes, lotion, milky lotion, hair elastics, cotton swabs, and various chargers available for rent

  • 売店

No.2 store

We have a large selection of souvenirs from Kumamoto.
There is a Hitoyoshi Shochu tasting corner in front of the store.

  • イベントホール

No.3 event hall

The hall has an outside entrance and exit, making it convenient for exhibitions, sales, and events.
It can also be used as a dinner venue.

  • レンタル自転車

No.4 shared cycle

Stations for the HELLO CYCLING shared cycling service.
You can make reservations at any time and use it as a means of transportation to Hitoyoshi's tourist attractions.
Click here for fees and usage instructions.

  • EVスタンド

No.5 EV Stand

EV stand is also available.

  • 会議室

No.8 conference room

The hotel is available for study tours, seminars, conferences, etc.

  • 多目的ホール

No.9 multi-purpose hall

It can accommodate up to 90 people in Japanese style and 108 people in Western style, and can be used for banquets, exhibitions, and other events.

Information on the use of conference rooms and multi-purpose halls

  Surface area 2 hours 4 hours More than 4 hours
overall utilization 141.9㎡ 55,000 yen 77,000 yen 88,000 yen
2 room use 94.6㎡ 33,000 yen 44,000 yen 55,000 yen
Single-room use 47.3㎡ 22,000 yen 33,000 yen 44,000 yen
conference room 31.7㎡ 16,500 yen 22,000 yen 33,000 yen
(Tax included)